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It’s like our prayers have been answered. Red, trendy gray, & curly haired emojis are in the works! We’re one step closer to seeing more hair colors and types represented on the emoji keyboard!

These new emojis are to be rolled out in June 2018, according to a press release from Unicode. Check them out below along with some hair trends to match!

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dry hair
It’s not even July and I’m sweating in my silk the minute I step outside –– at 7am. The scorching weather means it’s time to hibernate the hot-iron, curling wand, and blow-dryer and opt for air-drying strands. It’s a great way to do your locks a favor; sans heat-styling, hair is able to retain more elasticity, moisture, and is less prone to damage. Air-drying is also the simplest and quickest way to style –– no excessive primping here. There are many ways to get sexy, chic hair without heat-styling. Click through to style notes to read up on some of my favorites. –– Michelle Rotbart 


Natural beauty, Christina Ricci sports a strong sense of style, and this cute little pony with a soft side bang is an ideal daytime summer look. Pulling hair away from the face keeps you cool and creates the illusion of lift for cheekbones and chin; the side bangs, meanwhile, open the face frame and adds a cute, whimsical touch. We love the red-brown hair color for her, too. Shiny and lustrous, a similar hue will add sparkle for anyone with a similar skin color and makeup palette. For our tips on achieving this style, click through the notes.