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Boxer braids are a hybrid of pigtails, french braids, and cornrows, and they carry a bit of the energy of each of these styles. They’re athletic, girlish, and classic. Kim has adopted the look as her post-baby go to—she’s literally worn it every day since giving birth—and surprisingly it never seems out of place. When dressing up she pins the ends into a bun while on casual days she lets the braids hang loose. Both ways, the style is winner. Learn to create it in the notes. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

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We all have different aspects to our personalities. You may be a mixture of boho and punk, preppy and girly, or athletic and romantic. Whatever your specific combination, the interplay of disparate aspects can make for stunning looks. These styles pair different hues on opposite sides of the head, emphasizing contrast. Wear them parted in the center to play up the placement, or simply sweep hair to one side for a softer, blended look. Learn more about this emerging trend in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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The current biggest trend in fashion is athleisure. It’s a new term to describe active and athletic wear that can be worn away from the gym and looks nicer than the standard sweat outfit. Trending looks consist of pairing track pants with blazers, dresses with sneakers, and variations of sweat shirts and soft knit pants and leggings. And what could look better with sport-inspired attire than a sporty braid? A classic French braid with a slightly more urban feel is perfect to go along with the atheleisure look. It’s a mix of sleek and casual and doesn’t require much effort. Your whole look will reflect that you’re a woman on-the-go. Click through to style notes to get the details on achieving this trending twine braid. –Michelle Rotbart

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