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Mashable, Refinery29, and even Business Insider have proclaimed the end of the beard trend, but there are still quite a few men walking around with serious facial hair. It’s sort of like when the industry declared the end of pastel hair, or ombre. It seems that people are no longer willing to let go of their signature look just because the fashion industry says it’s out. We can all tell when a trend begins, but where it ends, no one seems to know. And when it comes to beards, some men simple look better with them, and know it. Click the notes for some of my favorite examples. –– Laura Martin

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When done right, beards are manly, sexy, and fashionable. They work like male makeup, highlighting and refining the features, emphasizing eyes and bone structure. But one beard doesn’t fit all; facial hair needs to match its wearer’s features, haircut, and sense of style. Learn more about getting your best beard in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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