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The winter air can bring serious dryness to the skin. If you suffer from severe dry patches, it’s best to stick to moisturizing products that will keep the dewy glow going in order to keep the skin looking nice and hydrated. Adding too many powder products can worsen the effect of dry skin and make your makeup appear cakey and chalky. –By Katie McBroom

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nicks client

This is Marissa. Marissa is a budding fashion and beauty blogger who moved to NYC this summer. From the image on your left, you can see she came with a head of extra long, extra thick hair. While she didn’t want to part with such luscious locks, she found she needed something more stylish and refined for all the glamorous fashion shoots and after-parties she is now getting invited to. So she made a beeline to ARROJO NYC to see celebrity stylist, Nick Arrojo. The updated style, pictured on your right, feels so much more lightweight, with so much more freedom and movement, yet the integrity of a long length look is maintained. In the Style Notes, learn how this was done, directly from Nick Arrojo.

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