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Image: Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue

Amy Adams steals the show in the latest Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue, due for national release next week. Her glamorous gown and elegant pose are framed by a vintage Hollywood wave, the signature look of the leading ladies of the 40s and 50s. With one side of the hairstyle tucked behind the ear, the ‘do creates beatifying face-face-framing asymmetry. Yet the real magic is the ‘C’-shaped waves falling romantically off the shoulder. It encourages the eyes to look all around the face frame, taking in cheekbones, chin, lips and eyes. A little softer and less severe than the original interpretations of this style, Amy’s take puts the best of old world allure with modern beauty trends. Learn how to recreate it below.  Click for StyleNotes →


If you are a follower of beauty trends, no doubt you’ve worn a braid. In fact, you’ve probably worn them in a variety of shapes and sizes. But have you tried the heart-shaped braid? Beatnik, bohemian, artistic, playful and fun, this twine is a great way to keep hair off the face and wear a wonder-inspiring style. This breakdown of the heart shaped braid is a Style Noted favorite, and a classic way to add an inspiring look to your arsenal.  Click for StyleNotes →