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For warm weather, bobs and lobs are breezy and cool, but when the weather gets hot the only acceptable style is one that keeps hair completely away from your sweaty face and neck. For haircuts barely long enough to reach into a ponytail, this can be a challenge. After scouring the internet, I’ve curated the best solutions. You can have your bob and wear an updo too. –– Laura Martin

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Bobs are great for their clean-lined simplicity, but on thick hair they can sometimes feel heavy or bulky, lacking the flow of longer, layered styles. These disconnected shapes offer a perfect solution, creating space by combing two disparate shapes on a single head without blending. The result is hair that naturally shifts and slides, at the place where the contrasting lines come together, creating swingy movement. You can enhance the separation between the shapes with color, creating visual contrast as pictured above, or go with a single color and opt for a softer look with all the same benefits. Click the notes to learn more about incorporating disconnection into your look. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →



In the oppressing heat of July temperatures, it’s basically routine to simply throw your hair up into a bun and go on with your day. It’s a quick and easy solution and provides relief from a sweaty neck. And while top knots are fab, they’re not always practical depending on your length and if you plan to put your hair back down during the day. That’s why you should start perfecting your low bun game. A low chignon won’t disturb the hair at your crown like a topknot will. So if you catch yourself getting a bit too sweaty for your liking, simply swoop hair back and secure with an elastic. Once you are ready to take it down again, shake out. It won’t look like you ever put it up…plus no dents. And the possibilities are endless. To up your low knot game, click through to style notes. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →

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Vibrant color lends playfulness and fun to a short summer crop, whether you opt for a few streaks of brightness or a vivid hue all over. These short, bright hairstyles are perfect for staying cool and streamlining your summer beauty routine. You’ll look stylish and polished even in the simplest of ensembles. Click the notes to learn more about wearing this fun summer trend. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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When weather gets steamy, the perfect cut is one that looks great without a lot of effort. Collar-bone length, loose layers to enhance natural wave, and blunt bangs combine to form this season’s hottest shape. The style is long enough to pull into a ponytail on days when the temperature prohibits hair on your neck, but short and light enough to allow you to wear it loose even in steamy weather. Tousle in some wave mist and cream whip and you’ll look great all season long without sweating with your hairdryer. Learn more about this trending shape in the notes. ––  Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →