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Steeped in tradition and meaning, the flower crown is a timeless and popular accessory, remaining fresh and in bloom from ancient Greece to Beyonce. As seen on the newsstand, Flower Crowns are back in Vogue. Yet to take the trend on for yourself, it may be better to look to Frieda Kahlo than Queen Bey. While the later manages an impressive amount of flowers on her head, the former’s pretty weaves of plaits, ribbons and flowers are simple yet bohemian, practical and beautiful. Pick some flowers from your garden and click notes to give Frieda’s iconic flower crown a go. Click for StyleNotes →

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I’m continually excited by the changes I see in the fashion and beauty industry. No longer is there one cookie-cutter mold for beauty, especially when it comes to great hair. Natural curls and texture have always been a great symbol of empowerment, and the mainstream has finally recognized it.  The days of straightening and taming your hair is over. Just think of beauties like Diane von Furstenberg, Grace Coddington, or Beyoncé. These ladies make a statement, and it’s all because they didn’t try to fix their curls and instead let them loose and free. Ready to let your curls go big and free? Click through to style notes to get the know-how. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →


Beauty takes many forms. For some women, beauty is long hair, soft makeup, floaty dresses. Others like clean lines, short cuts, and leather jackets. My own form of femininity is a blend of the two. I look ridiculous in ruffles and I can’t be bothered with lipstick, but I love heeled booties, antique barrettes and pink nail polish. I can’t pull off leather or tattoos, but I love my strong eyebrows and muscular arms. Most women’s style is a balance between these two extremes, but some lean more towards softness while others prefer a bold expression of femininity. Where do you fall on the spectrum? Does it change day to day? Cara Delevigne (pictured above) looks great on both ends of the spectrum. Click the notes for more celebrities examples. –– Laura Martin 

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