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Are your mornings too short for your hair styling routine? It happens.

With the right products & techniques you can cut your styling time in half. We’ve found one such approach that will leave you with Blake Lively-esque curls in no time. Allows us to introduce to you,  the twisty blow dry.

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As the largest and most prestigious of the independent film festivals, Cannes is both art-driven and high-profile. It’s a place to be seen, but the red carpet is less formal than a Hollywood affair. This year some of our favorite leading ladies blended Old Hollywood glamour with a bit of modern edge, pairing glossy waves and a deep part and slicked side. The asymmetry makes the shape feel modern and adds drama. Click the notes for steps to creating the look at home. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →


Blake Lively’s upcoming flick features an intriguing plot spread over eight decades. In ‘The Age of Adaline,’ the actresses character never ages, which, aside from contemplating immortality, lets us swoon over ever-changing fashions. Stylistically, great care is taken to manifest the fashionable essence of each decade through Adaline’s ageless loveliness, which can be seen in the posters to promote the film’s April opening. Featuring Blake in character, wearing looks from a 20s flapper and 30s bride through to a 21st century girl, see posters from 80 years of beautiful feminine style in the notes.

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While most people are admiring the fabulous new looks for upcoming seasons, I am always busy admiring the hair. Just like clothing, the hair coming down the runway is an indicator of hairstyles to come in upcoming months. But there is one problem: most of these looks, like the clothes that come down the runway, are not suitable for everyday streetwear. Take inspiration from the runway and click the notes for tips on how to adapt these styles to your life. –– Kelly Rowe

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