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After a long week, I decided to splurge and treat myself to a fancy blowout. After dropping some time and some dough, you know that as soon as I left the salon, my only mission was to keep my polished tendrils intact for as long as possible—through the weather, gym, and even date night. Aside from the normal use of refinish dry shampoo on the second, third, and maybe fourth day there are a few slightly odd ways I’ve heard will prolong my blow out and perhaps yours. I’m considering trying these, I think you should to! Click through to style notes to see the things we should all be doing in the name of style. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →

perfect blowout

Blowouts are great but they are also a lot of work or pretty pricey if you are getting them done in salons or blowout bars. I love a good blowout just as much as the next girl but I can also be bit lazy when it comes to my hairstyling routine. The thought of having to blow dry my hair carefully in sections to get that polished look is very unappealing. Let me teach you how to get the bombshell blowout without the blow dryer. Click the notes. –Kelly Rowe

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fall look
Some looks just have it all; the cut, color and style just come together in perfect fashion. This is one of those looks. This modern shag is the perfect mix of casual cool and urban chic and is perfect for fall. Click the notes to get it. –Kelly Rowe

Beautiful Woman with Curly Long Hair

The wavy blowout is something some are blessed with the gift of easily doing and others not so much. Those who weren’t born with the quick skills of a ceramic round brush normally turn to a curling iron, but wouldn’t you like the ability to just use the brush. Click the notes to gain the skills of handling a wavy blowout at home.

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