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The bob cut uses the angle of the head and the line of the jaw as guides for its shape. It has strong geometry and yet, because it is so closely aligned with bone structure, it also feels organic, natural. This bob explores both sides of the cut’s nature by emphasizing strength with a blunt micro-fringe and softness with airy texture and diffused layers. Click the notes to learn more about this inspiring shape. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

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Hairstyles are part of our identity. Some people prefer to stick to a signature look while others like to switch up their style often. Whether you prefer a new ‘do every season or only opt of a big change once a decade there are a few looks that should be on your hairdo bucket list. These styles are an experience; they’ll change the way you see yourself, and the way the world sees you. Click the notes too see the top five styles every woman should try. –– Laura Martin

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summer bangs

Bangs can be a tough look to have in the summer. Big, thick, and blunt bangs can be even harder. So why would you try to pull this off on the warm months? Because heavy hair like this can look striking and beautiful with the flowing and delicate dresses and tops of summer. Click the notes for tips on how to pull off this not so summer hairstyle. –– Kelly Rowe

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With her distinctive features, bleached-blonde hair, and punk-rock attitude Debbie Harry will always be a darling of fashion and style. The latest star to take on her iconic 80s image is modern beauty, Scarlett Johansson. Pictured for the cover story of W, the voluptuous leading lady hardly has the same body shape, and her plain-vanilla virtues are no match for Debbie’s badass ways, but even so, she looks great. Her hairstyle is particularly reminiscent of the pioneering songstress; learn how to create your own retro-inspired 80s ‘do in the notes.

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Soft colors and short swingy shapes combine to form a soft spring trend: baby bobs. The look starts with a customized bang—which can be short or long—that blends down seamlessly into ear-grazing length at the sides and tapers in at the neck. The outline is barely longer than a pixie, but a blunt edge and minimal layering give the cut a distinctly bob-like feeling. Delicate pale hues add lightness. Learn more about this trend in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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