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It’s getting to be that time of the year— the time where you are itching to change up your look. The weather is changing, your memorial day vacation is right around the corner & you want a fresh & exciting new cut to perk up your morning routine. If you haven’t already noticed, the hair trends are getting shorter and shorter. Last year was dominated by the ever-trendy Lob and now we are seeing a spike in pixies, shags, and straight up buzz cuts.

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One of the ingenious things that the truly cool do is pull off looks that other people intentionally avoid. ‘IT’ girls know how to rock mom jeans, ugly sweaters, and scrunchies. They know how to pair fitted pieces with oversized ones. They know that small imperfections make them look more appealing. They know exactly which rules they can break. This boxy, blunt haircut is often referred to as “triangle head.” It’s one of those styles that most people avoid, and that’s what makes it so cool. Worn with fluffy volume and flicked ends, this cut looks chic and effortless. Learn more about pulling off the look in the notes. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

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Clean lines look, chic, modern and expensive, especially if they are perfectly tailored. Like a well-fitted suit, this classic cut has timeless appeal because it offers a flattering shape that is easily customized. The quality of the lines and the shape and length of the fringe individualize the look. It’s a great update to the long bobs that reigned last year. Click the notes to learn more about getting this shape custom tailored for your own unique style and features. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →