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Karlie Kloss for Diane Von Furstenberg F/W Lookbook

Going to the disco? We love this sexy hairstyle sported by Karlie Kloss in the Fall/Winter Diane Von Furstenberg lookbook. Paired with a stunning gold maxi dress, one can’t help but think of the seventies-inspired trends that emerged after stylistic flick, American Hustle. Happily, with the advent of better products and tools, this style is quicker and easier to create now than it was in the “Me Decade.” Below, learn how to create this look in 20 minutes. . .

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Image: Laura M. Martin

We’re officially in the holiday season, a time when parties abound. Some of these parties may be formal enough to call for a French twist, but more often holiday parties are an occasion where you want to look good, but not necessarily formal. I created the look pictured above for a friend who was looking for something original for a fun, low-key event. Bohemian yet chic, it pairs beautifully with a simple dress or skinny jeans and a metallic tee. Click the notes for my illustrated step-by-step instructions. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

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(Christopher String,

On first inspection there may seem to be little in common between flappers and bohemians, but both movements emphasized art, sexual freedom, and women’s rights, so it’s not as much of a stretch as you might imagine to bring them together. This playful updo does just that by using disheveled braids to create a head-hugging, undulating bob. The shape is jazz age, but the texture is bohemian. The resulting look is casual enough to wear to breakfast and stylish enough for cocktail hour. Best of all, it’s a breeze to create. Click the notes for step by step instructions. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →


The Alexander McQueen show is always a visual treat, usually part macabre, part romance, and with lots of shock and awe. So when creative director Sarah Burton presented a sensual and romantic vision of beauty on the runway, it was surprisingly provocative. The bohemian and feminine hair was a mix of slept-in spirals and embroidery. The design team actually used a needle and invisible thread to create the homespun style. While this style is definitely editorial, you too can have a romantic style by loosely tying hair back with a gold ribbon or a broach and by leaving any stray tendrils out. To see more beauty looks from the collection click through to style notes. –– Michelle Rotbart

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Scarves are a favorite fall accessory; they’re a simple way to add a splash of color and instant sophistication to easy ensembles. They do, however, have other creative uses. Wrapping a scarf into your hair is a great way to hide your roots, and keep your head warm. This style would be perfect for a brunch date or gallery opening. See our simple steps for knitting together this unexpected look.