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Shoulder-length hairstyles are usually styled sleek and smooth, or allowed to air dry for the natural texture of a wash and wear style. But adding bouncy volume is another great option. Extra oomph is always sexy, especially when paired with tousled waves. The image above is a great example. The off -center center part creates soft asymmetry for fulsome waves to hang deliciously off of the shoulder. This style works best on minimally layered cuts that sit on – or just above or below – the shoulder. Click through the style notes for tips on getting lots of body in mid-length hairstyles. Click for StyleNotes →

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As summer approaches, weddings multiply Whether you’re tying the knot yourself, participating in someone else ceremony, or simply attending, you’re going to to need a great dress, soft makeup, and a pretty style that holds up from aisle-walk to bouquet-toss. Traditional wedding styles—flouncy curls, stiff updos, and piled ringlets—can feel dated and oppressive, but the usual beach waves or French braid don’t really match a formal gown. How do you look fancy while still feeling stylish? Click the notes to see this season cool, wearable wedding trends. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

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So I recently read an article on a favorite beauty publication of mine that claimed that tousled waves, the summer’s go-to look for both the cat walk and my personal lazy weekends is dead. Per the stylists in the article, sleek and minimalist hair is what will be trending. But I’m going to have to disagree, on a professional and a personal level. Because, hello, the whole I-woke-up-like-this beauty look (which includes tousled strands) isn’t going anywhere, and even Kim Kardashian has given up on contouring. And what could be more minimalist then wearing your natural texture or easy waves? So don’t go tossing your texture spray out yet ladies. Tousled tendrils are here to stay, and in case you need to reinforce yours, click through to the notes to learn what products are essential to your look. –– Michelle Rotbart

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Do you lust after thick locks? Have you tried volumizing shampoos, plumping products and thickening agents to no avail? The right styling aides can go a long way toward making your hair appear fuller, but they aren’t the only solution, and if used incorrectly may do more harm than good. But don’t despair, after fifteen years in the industry, I’ve learned quite a few tricks for adding fulness. Click through for the best 7 ways to make your hair appear more voluptuous. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →