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This is a chunkier, thicker version of the trendy braided headband. Disheveled, whimsical, the style exudes a fun and youthful vibe for girls about town. Braids are great for summer as they keep hair off the face, but forgo the formality of traditional updos. What makes this example special is the the windblown, rumpled feel created by the looseness and breadth of the braid. For similar beatnik elegance, pull out random pieces till you get a pleasingly carefree aesthetic. Click for StyleNotes →

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As most of you can attest, I’m  braid obsessed. So just when I thought I might have seen them all, the runways of Fall Fashion Month surprised me yet again. I saw great micro twists as details at Christian Siriano, crossed pig-tails at Sally Lapointe, and loose single plaits a Rebecca Minkoff. Braids have definitely become a year round staple on the runway, red carpet, and every day on the street. And you don’t even have to wait till September to start wearing these great styles. Click through to style notes to see my favorite looks.  — Michelle Rotbart

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Don’t believe the naysayers that say braids are so 2012. Braids have remained relevant because they’re versatile and can be worn as a detail, accessory, or statement. They are totally in right now, as seen at the Golden Globes and People’s Choice Awards. These will be the braids most pinned and liked on social media and will surely be your inspiration for your next big night out. So if you’re as braid-brained as I am, click through to the notes to see the most pin-able braids of the award show season. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →


Epitomizing modern disheveled elegance, braids have become a central tenant of streetwise fashions. But now they are so popular, finding a twine that’s not already been done is a task. The Halo is one of the most worn plaits of them all, with the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Dianna Agron, and Ashley Olson all giving it a go. This version of the Halo does, however, offer something different. The loops of the braid are so thick and chunky that it looks more like a romantic hair wreath, creating an artfully Grecian aesthetic that is sure to surprise and delight. Anyone with long hair can recreate this beautiful, vanguard look. For tips, click style notes.

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flower braid

A braided rosette makes wearing blooms in your hair an everyday possibility. The slightly undone twine mixed with tousled waves is pretty, effortless, and eye-catching.The style has a romantic feeling, perfect for pairing with flowing summer dresses and brightly printed tops. For added flower-child appeal, embellish with a few fresh blossoms. Create this boho style in your bathroom by following a few simple steps. – Laura Martin

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