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Gigi Hadid has become one of the world’s most iconic women, tapped whenever someone needs to sell a bikini, bra, or lipstick. She was even named model of the year. She is gorgeous, and blends sexy with just the right amount of insouciance. Naturally, at Style Noted Towers we are obsessed with her always perfect, golden blonde, California girl strands. This color immediately gives you memories of the steamy days of summer but it is surprisingly great for feeling all warmed up in the dead of winter too. Click the notes for how to get this perfectly blended golden hue in the cold season.

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Highlights are the most popular, and expensive, salon hair color service. They add texture, shine, dimension, depth to any hairstyle, creating brightness and pop for an elevated look. But given the cost and the upkeep, it’s worth making sure you are choosing your best highlight option. Learn about the different kinds of highlights in the notes.  Click for StyleNotes →

surreal red

You know that red that reminds you of Ariel from the little mermaid? It’s super bright, neither coppery or violet, just pure vibrant cherry. It’s so vivid it appears to generate its own light. It’s a dream color, a fantasy shade. Well, now you can get it for real. Click the notes for the professional formula.

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bright hair

Brights and pastels are taking over Hollywood. What started as an edgy trend worn by stars like Kelly Osborne and Demi Lovato is becoming mainstream, at least among celebrities. Even Kelly Ripa has jumped on board! But the trend is still a fringe movement on real girls. Why isn’t this trend as popular on the street as it is on the red carpet? Click the style notes for my take.

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