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We throw the word icon around rather loosely these days, draping it over those that takes are fancy. But there are few people who are actually synonymous with style, who epitomize the look of a specific era, and become essence of a particular movement. Bardot is one of the few. Her fashion sense has inspired decades of imitation and countless riffs and variations. This is true of her clothing, her makeup, and, most importantly, her hair. Her bouncy, tousled blonde tresses still inspire envy; they’ve also inspired many of the current trends. Click the notes to learn more. –– Laura Martin

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Pigtails were probably one of your first hairstyles. This may make them seem childish, but they don’t have to be. They’re an easy, pretty way to keep your hair under control while still getting the face-framing effects of wearing hair down. Brigitte Bardot loved pigtails, so does Alexa Chung, and their paired ponytails certainly don’t immature. So what’s the secret? How do you get pigtails that feel sexy instead of silly? Click the notes for step-by-step instructions. –– Laura Martin

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The idea of bedhead is unquestioningly appealing. Who doesn’t dream of going to bed with wet hair and waking up looking like Brigitte Bardot? But the reality is often less magical. You may awake with strange cowlicks, a flat spot at the back of your head, or nasty tangles. Before you reach for the ponytail holder, try these fast and simple tricks to transform actual bedhead into tousled sexiness. –– Laura Martin

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Bows are sexy, coquettish, the most alluring of accessories, as long as you wear them the right way, with a heavy dose of sixties influence. Take your inspiration from sex kitten Brigitte Bardot. Add some volume, make that lots of volume. Rough up your texture, think bedhead. Make sure your bow is big. Add a pink lip or a smokey eye. Break some hearts. Learn how in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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