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Shoulder-length hairstyles are usually styled sleek and smooth, or allowed to air dry for the natural texture of a wash and wear style. But adding bouncy volume is another great option. Extra oomph is always sexy, especially when paired with tousled waves. The image above is a great example. The off -center center part creates soft asymmetry for fulsome waves to hang deliciously off of the shoulder. This style works best on minimally layered cuts that sit on – or just above or below – the shoulder. Click through the style notes for tips on getting lots of body in mid-length hairstyles. Click for StyleNotes →




This fiery, smokey red captures the flavor of an intense chipotle pepper. On the spectrum of reds this color falls in between natural and electric with a vibrancy that’s balanced, not overpowering. The depth of the color makes it easier to wear than more vibrant reds but with enough intensity to satisfy the most devoted redheads. Get the professional formula to create this spicy shade in the notes. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →



Fashion month is in full swing in New York City and I’m predicting there will be an assortment of changes in fashion and beauty. One thing that’s staying the same? Enviable, looks-complicated-but-isn’t hairstyles. I’ve seen braids and ponytails come and go and have loved most, but I’ve always held on to the knotted ponytail. It’s an easy update to the classic ponytail and requires no hot tools or braiding skills. A win all around. So even if you don’t know what will be in next season quite yet, this look transcends time. Click through to the notes to learn how to get it. –– Michelle Rotbart  Click for StyleNotes →

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Androgyny in fashion often signals important social change, from the boyish silhouettes worn by flappers during the prohibition era to the glamorous looks embraced by male rock stars in the seventies and eighties, but never has the line between men’s and women’s fashion been so blurry as it is now. Increasing numbers of designers are releasing unisex clothing lines, Pantone has done away with gendered color palettes, and gender-fluidity has become part of the national lexicon. It’s an exciting moment in fashion, one that could redefine our concepts of beauty and obliterate many long-standing “rules” of fashion and beauty. Click the notes to see more stunning, gender-defying styles. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

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Every fall I become obsessed with red-violet hues. There’s just something so rich, so dramatic about a deep, plummy red. I’ve posted formulas for vibrant magentas and soft mahoganies, but this color is neither brownish nor jewel-toned. Understated but un-muddied, this concentrated tone reminds me of syrupy jam, rich, vibrant, and natural. Find the formula and application tips in the notes. ––  Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →