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Hair painting has become the new it way to have highlights put into hair. Both foiling and hair painting can produce gorgeous effects and both can significantly change your natural color. The real question is do you know the difference between the two. Click the notes to get the details.

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Summer is coming and hair is getting beachy, ombre-ed, and highlighted. Brighter, lighter strands are perfect for a little DIY experimentation. As a long-time colorist, I’m not a huge fan of people coloring their hair at home, but I’m also a realists. There are some things you should never try on your own—like color correction, or taking brown hair platinum blonde—but adding a touch of pastel to pre-lightened hair is fairly safe and easy, if you’re using the right color. I recommend pink. You can, of course try any shade you please, but pink is most likely to produce satisfying results. Wondering why? Click the notes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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Emma Stone may be a natural blonde, but she’s successfully worn a number of hair colors ranging from soft auburn to vibrant scarlet to platinum blonde. She’s even gone brunette before, but she’s chosen rich chestnut and mahogany, rich hues with flattering warm undertones. But this latest brown is a neutral chocolate shade, not a bad color, but a pretty boring option for a girl who looks so stunning is colors most of us wouldn’t dream of trying to wear. There’s something almost ironic about this ho-hum, un-intimidating shade being the one thing that makes Emma look a little less youthful and a little less fabulous. Click the notes for links to other fashion experts weighing in the new look. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

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Gigi and Bella are both stunning, but their looks represent very different aspects of feminine beauty. Gigi’s style is sweet, girly, and boho. Her beachy waves and sweet smile are pretty and soft. Bella’s look is a edgy and strong. Her sleek, dark strands and love of dramatic necklines gives her an exotic, striking appearance. Between the two of them, these gorgeous sisters offer inspiration for women all across the fashion spectrum. Learn to steal their signature hairstyles in the notes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →