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She may have become the world’s most adored woman, but Marilyn Monroe was a blue collar factory worker before dying her hair blonde and striking it big in Hollywood. It just goes to show what a great hairdo can do! Nowadays, marketers are trying to grab your attention by recreating her iconic image, with Candice Swanepoel the latest to don her retro curls and red lip for a Max Factor campaign. Rather than collecting their wares, try Marilyn’s timeless style for yourself. Learn how in the notes.

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How many of today’s stars will sign hair and makeup deals 60 years after they begin their eternal rest? Her posthumous advertising campaigns just go to show what a world-changing icon Marilyn Monroe truly was. Candice Swanepoel is the latest celebrity to stand in her reflected glory, interpreting Monroe’s customary hair and makeup look for a picture posted on Instagram. You too can channel the sex appeal of Hollywood’s sauciest star. Learn how in the style notes.

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