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Have you considered pastels and candy colored hair but ultimately came to the conclusion that it was just too much of a change or commitment for you? Understandable. These shades are difficult for a few reasons: they aren’t considered professional for the workplace and they require an immense amount of upkeep. So what’s a great option for someone who can’t do the all over color look? Candy colored highlights. Click the notes for more. –– Kelly Rowe

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Fashion Blogger Lua P. of Le Happy ( has worn many variations of red-to-blonde ombre, ranging from subtle to extreme. But her latest variation is the brightest yet. Vibrant apple-red roots, ruby mid-lengths and peach ends make for a bold, yet blended interpretation of ombre. Click the style notes for formulas and application tips to recreate the look. –– Laura Martin

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Rainbow hair, unicorn hair, candy colored hair, whatever you call it this look is hot and on trend. This daring collection named “Spin the Spectrum” was photographed by Ellis Parrinder and immediately captures the electricity of an assortment of colors.  You can feel the energy coming out of the hair. Having strands like this is perfect for those who are adventurous and thrive in the spotlight. For details on a having a magical mane click the notes. –– By Kelly Rowe.

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This cool pale pink pixie cut is taken from the recent Goldwell Color Zoom Show at the glamorous Highline Ballroom, NYC. Part of a party-themed collection from Nick Arrojo, the beautiful side-swept style features soft diffusion, fluidity, movement and texture within the timeless elegance of the structure of a pixie cut. The color is an example of how modern applications enable remarkable candy-coated shades; the terrific pastel pink is delicate and light and airily exquisite. The styling adds to the whimsical touch. Imperfectly tousled this way and that, it is shaped to flounce across the face, creating a captivating face-frame. Learn about achieving a similar style in the notes.

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This faded pastel-rose tone embraces the trend for candy-coated hair color, yet in a refined, muted hue. For anyone that has gone bright in recent seasons, this is a great, fashion-forward way to tone down your look with hazy pastel pinks. It would also be an excellent way to offset an early onset of grey. With a vintage, flower-power feeling, it’s ideal for floral dresses and otherworldly accessories. For tips on attaining a similar tint, click style notes.