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Despite it not being on every single beauty blog and news article, I still love a great ombré do. It’s been over five years since the trend really hit strong and every girl on the A-list as well as her followers rocked it. During that span we saw everything from natural options of subtle gradation to obvious statement making dip-dyed ends. As lengths came and went, ombré was a constant, gracing every style from bobs to mermaid inspired lengths. I loved the style because it is a fabulous way to experiment with different colors and add depth and definition to any look.. So even years later, I’m deeming this look more than just a fad and a definite do! In case you need added confirmation, click through to the notes to see my favorite looks from today’s it-gals. You’ll be booking an appointment with your colorist in no time.  –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →

carey mulligan

Carey Mulligan’s glossy brown dusted with golden caramel tips isn’t just pretty, it’s decadent. The hues are reminiscent of an artisanal chocolate treat. The warmth of the colors gives them a bit of softness so they accentuate Mulligan’s pale skin without washing her out. The color also matches the tones of her eyes, creating a soft, monochrome effect. Get the formula for this delicious shade in the notes. –– Laura Martin

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We throw around the word ombre like it means just one thing, but that one word has been used to describe an evolving idea about “natural looking color” for the last five years. When the look first started becoming popular around 2010 we saw a lot of very dramatic versions, what we’d now call “dip dye,” bright ends, dark roots, and not much in the way of blending. Then, around 2012-2013 we started to see some softening; color pairings still tended toward extremes, but the technique was more blended with dark bits running all the way through the ends. Since then we’ve seen the addition of mid-tones, understated sombre, and beachy variations where the dark roots are only a few inches long. I think the contemporary versions are much prettier than the originals. Which ombre is your favorite? Click the notes for more examples. –– Laura Martin

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Bronde is turning out to be the biggest color trend of summer. But bronde isn’t a one-hue-fits-all trend. It’s actually a spectrum of shades ranging from buttery caramel to smokey taupe. The term also covers a variety of placements: a single shade, a subtle fade, or a dimensional blend. The looks above illustrate a few possibilities; click the style notes for more inspiration. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →



There’s a new hair vocab word in the beauty industry this summer: bronde. What is it? Blonde for lazy girls. And a beautiful hybrid of light and dark, blonde color with a brown base. Think ombré without the big contrast and without the upkeep. It’s currently hot because it creates natural color without the hassle and is a great way to go lighter without looking over-processed. The look requires less maintenance because your colorist doesn’t have to work close to your root. Letting your natural color grow in at the roots is part of the look, and the appeal. Thinking about trying this look on? Click through to style notes to see some of the best celebs wearing this trend. –– Michelle Rotbart