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Taylor Swift may be the queen of the celebrity spat, but there’s no argument over her bangs. Deep-set and full, her fringe is one of the best. It grazes her brows beautifully, bringing focus down to her alluring peepers. For those at home, getting a bang is a great way to make your eyes your focal point, and change up your look –– without losing length. Click style notes for expert tips on styling bangs.  Click for StyleNotes →

kim k blonde

Fashion is a fickle witch, and three always makes a trend. Two weeks ago I wrote about black being the new IT hair color. Since then, the trend has apparently swung back to blonde. Within the past few days, Karen Elson, Kim Kardashian, and Jared Leto, all known for their signature hair, opted to make a dramatic change to bleach blonde. Elson chose to debut her new hair via social media, while Kim surprised everyone at Balmain’s Fall 2015 show. And of course Jared is now completely unrecognizable––I’m still swooning over his lovely ombré waves. So there it is, forget years of study by trend forecasters, the future is built on emotion, and blonde feels fun for spring. Will you be following the celebrity lead? Click through to the notes to see more of their looks. Just make sure to consult your stylist beforehand going for a platinum or icy shade. –– Michelle Rotbart

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a line bob

The bob is all the rage and we say go for it. If you want to change things up go and get a bob you will be SO in. Here is a dramatic bob. It takes your classic layered a-line bob and extends it to a much more extreme version. This gives you the effect of long hair in the front. Click the notes for more. –– Kelly Rowe

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Sultry dark ombre has sexy written all over it and Mila Kunis is the Hollywood queen of this look. With swathes of women and girls now wearing the archetypal dark to light hair colors –– think brunette bases fading to golden blondes –– the original ombre is getting worn and tired, making Mila’s evolution of the style feel like the vanguard two-tone of 2014. It may be subtle, but it’s also dark, delectable, and sure to turn heads your way. For tips for successfully achieving this look, click style notes.–– Kelly Rowe 

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