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When people are growing their hair out from a pixie cut they usually hate the first few months while they wait for the length of the sides and top to catch up with the back, but this is also the time when they’ll get the most complements. As the front grows, if you continue to cut the back length (which will otherwise turn into a mullet) the result is a crisp bob-like line in the nape with piecey sides, a long bang, and lots of texture. Its fun, feminine, and carefree. But you don’t have to go pixie-short first to achieve this look, learn more in the notes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

lea seydoux

French actress Lea Seydoux may not be a household name yet, but as a Bond Girl in Spectre she’s about to leave a lasting impression. You may also have seen her in The Grand Budapest Hotel, or Inglorious Bastards, or Blue is the Warmest Color. Whether you’re familiar with her acting or not, her style is worth noting, an intriguing mix of sophisticated classic and playful ingénue. She loves bright shoes, vibrant scarves and tousled hairstyles which she pairs with simple dresses, or a white t-shirts and jeans. Somehow, even her more extravagant outfits seem effortless. The same is true of her hairstyles. She’s tried a variety of colors and lengths, but there’s something understated in the warm shades of copper and flax, the blunt bangs and tousled layers. Click the notes to learn more about this French beauty and her Parisian fashion sense. – Laura Martin

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rita ora

The perfect looks for fall are soft and give the aura of warmth. Overly done looks should be traded for more relaxed styles. It’s this mix of casual, soft, and warmth that screams all things fall and is the perfect hairstyle to pair with a sweater. Rita Ora is wearing the best  autumn look; learn how to get in the notes. –Kelly Rowe

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zendaya 1

Messy, off-duty buns maybe having a very well timed moment, but leave it to it-girl Zendaya to make a case for the polished elegance of a slick knot. The actress was recently spotted on Instagram with her tendrils primly tied at the nape of her neck. The sleek style juxtaposed her cropped hoodie and distressed denim, offering the whole look a certain polished edge. Zendaya has a known affection for sleek topknots, rocking them to meetings and on the red carpet. So just in time for new autumn style, click through to style notes to see more examples of well executed on-duty buns. –Michelle Rotbart

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