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shiny hair

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Save the yogurt for your parfait and the honey for your tea, because there are plenty of ways to get shiny hair that don’t involved raiding your kitchen, rubbing your head with mayonnaise, or completely changing your nutritional plan. From conditioners to oils to sprays there are plenty of great products formulated to give your hair instantaneous shine and shimmer, and with the glitz of New Year’s Eve fast approaching, you’re going to want one of these ASAP. Click through to the notes to learn what you need. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →

long strong

As a huge hair mask fan I am always trying infuse together the perfect set of ingredients to create a mask that balances moisture and protein that helps your hair grow long and strong, soft and shiny. Finding this perfect mix can be tough, too much protein and your hair will get hard, too much moisture and your hair will be weighed down. Click the notes for my perfect strengthen and lengthen mask. –– Kelly Rowe

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Young woman eating apple in kitchen


There a lot of things just in your kitchen that can that can benefit your hair. I’m sure you have already tried some oil or maybe combined a few things together to create homemade masks, but you have a whole kitchen full of fun ingredients to us. Click the notes to the 12 you can start using right now. –– Kelly Rowe

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Closeup on young woman applying hair mask
I love hair masks. You can normally find me whipping up something from ingredients in my kitchen on any given weekend. We all know hair masks are great for healthy strands but what we normally don’t address is the fact that your hair from the roots to the ends doesn’t need the same mask. Let me introduce you to the 3-block mask. Click the notes for more. –– Kelly Rowe

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coconut oil and fresh coconuts

Coconut oil is the IT hair product right now; it’s used for everything from hair masks, to conditioners, to smoothing treatments. So, how could you start to dislike this miracle product? Actually pretty easily and before you know it you may be hating it. Click the notes to see my story. –– Kelly Rowe

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