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Blackened garnet red glows deeply from within dark waves in this rich look. The saturated hue gives shine and sparkle to dark hair; a slightly lighter shade near roots enhances the natural effects of light. The undulating lengths blend the transition from bright to dark and expose flecks of ruby buried on the interior. Mine this look for your own hair in a few simple steps.

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The fashion set have adopted rosy pink as their signature summer color and there’s still time to join the IT girls. It kicked off during the Fall 2015 shows with platinum blonde models like Linn Arvidsson strutting Gucci runways in rosy pink tones. Since, we’ve seen the color in editorials and on A-listers like Cara Delevingne and Julianne Hough. You can wear this look for another few weeks, before fall fashions steal the show. Learn how to get it in the notes.

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blue hair
The latest trend in pastels are faded, grungy blues. These shades are grittier than pale pinks and purples. They evoke the ocean, but they also have a dirty, lived in vibe. This look is the color equivalent of bedhead; a hue that appears to have naturally faded instead of one that looks intentionally created. Click the style notes for steps to creating the color. –– Laura Martin