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When I was a little girl I was completely enchanted with The Little Mermaid. I was taken with the idea of having a bright shimmering tail, long flowing hair, and the ability to breathe underwater. I’ve since come to terms with living on land, and no longer want hair that extends to my waist, but I do still find mermaids appealing. This look which features a subtle splash of sea-colored brights and panels of sparkling silver for water-like shine, offers a sophisticated take on the mermaid theme. Click the notes for tips on getting the look. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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Most blondes have two, seemingly irreconcilable, goals: brightness and dimension. A blonde that achieves both is worth celebrating, like the icy shade recently adopted by Rachel McAdams. Her shade achieves it all by using a full spectrum of tones while staying within the same color level. In hair terms, this means alternating sections of cool platinum with beige, gold, and violet gray, all at a level 9 or 10. If done well the result is faceted like a crystal, expressing an overall cool tone flecked with reflective accents of other hues. Learn more about creating this crystalline effect in the style notes. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

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If you’ve been following awards season, you’ve probably noticed that the red carpet has been sparse on rainbow tresses. Even at New York Fashion Week there wasn’t much in the way of vibrant color. It seems we’re entering a season of subtlety, but that doesn’t mean that vibrant hues have disappeared, just that they’re being used in more understated ways. The looks pictured above feature a splash of vibrancy painted on the top surface of the hair. Creating a bright splatter-paint splash. Learn more about this emerging technique in the notes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →


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Trends are a fickle thing. You think green hair is the coolest and then Rihanna and Katy Perry go and post pictures of blue hair on Instagram and, wham, there’s a new style du jour. But if you pay close attention, there are always new emerging themes coming from the top end of fashion and beauty. In lieu of fixing our ADD, we asked Zach Norman, leading colorist at ARROJO Studio Williamsburg (i.e., the world’s hippest location) for his hair color trend predictions for the coming year. Beat the hoi polloi in the notes.

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After a year of wild hair colors—pastel, sand art, rainbow—things finally seem to be calming down as we head into 2016. Colors are getting softer and so are placements. There’s a resurgence of traditional highlights and single process shades, and we’re seeing the bright hues that once covered the head mixing with natural shades to create understated effects. The looks shown here have a neutral ash-brown base highlighted with bits of soft pastel, the effect is grungy, muted, and muddy, like paintbrush water, as if all the bright shades have blended and blurred. Click the style notes for steps to creating the look. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →