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hot roots

For hairdressers, the words “hot roots” induce shudders The term is used to describe the excess vibrancy that can occur near the scalp when lightening or brightening hair. It’s not great when it happens accidentally, but when pushed to its extreme it becomes something different. Pairing vibrant pink or copper roots with bright blonde ends creates a playful dimensional effect. It’s a great way to test out a new vibrant shade or to transition out of blonde. Learn more about creating purposeful hot roots in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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Saturday night is the perfect time to let your inner wild child out. No matter what you have planned you can add a touch of your personality with a little bit of hair chalk. While everyone is adding bits of color to the ends and lengths of your hair, be the trendsetter and add it to your roots. This bold choice can be your statement piece of the night. Click the notes for four key tips when sporting this look. –– Kelly Rowe

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