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It has been a warm winter so far, and a humid one, with lots of dense fog and gray skies. The winter landscape is usually full of stark contrast, but this year everything is blurry and muted. This hazy cool blonde was inspired by foggy woods and frozen mud. It’s earthy and murky, but with a bit of icy sparkle. Click the notes for the professional formula and tips on application. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

Michelle Williams

Not so long ago, Michelle Williams was hot-to-trot in Tinsel Town. Lately, we’ve hardly seen her. But when you’re in your 4th campaign for a quintessential French fashion house, you don’t have to get out of bed for anyone but Louis. We adore her platinum blonde hair color. Wearing it in swooshing, swirling sweeps of tousled mussed up messiness, her hairstyle has a sexy, rolled-out-of-bed vibe that suits the modern trend for the perfectly imperfect. If you want to recreate it, click the notes.

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Making babies and appearing on Broadway, Michelle Williams has waned from the public eye since her pixie cut catapulted her to the top of the A-list. But she’s still collecting crumbs from Louis Vuitton and her new shoot for Elle UK gave her a chance to show off the latest designs from the French fashion house. We adore the platinum blonde hair color she sports here. Pairing it with an insouciant tousled sweep, the style has a sexy windswept vibe that suits the modern trend for the perfectly imperfect. Need a new hair color for spring? Learn about going dramatic platinum blonde in the style notes.

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Blonde in salons often means platinum, but you don’t have to go stark white to be a bombshell. Darker, cooler blonde shades are elegant and understated. Just add a smokey eye or a red lip to look like a starlet, or wear with no makeup at all—unlike platinum hair, softer blonde shades won’t wash you out. Get the formulas for understated blonde in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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Nicole Richie recently transformed her candy colored locks to a deep gunmetal that is sure to be a hot fall color trend. Her choice signals a change in the bright color trend, a move toward darker, muted tones. The pastels and vibrant shades of the last few seasons are slowly fading away, replaced by softer, cooler shades that connote stormy skies and tarnished metals. Click the style notes to learn more about this emerging trend. –– Laura Martin

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