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When Vidal Sassoon cut Mia Farrow’s long locks into a cropped pixie cut for Roman Polanski’s psychological horror movie, Rosemary’s Baby, it became the most famous haircut in history. Filmed for the world to see, it changed the perception of femininity. The short style was a shocker. It ushered in a new era for fashion and beauty.

Before the 1960s, women were conditioned to wear their hair longer; it was ‘set’ for hours at the salon, and the style was kept day after day. Going short meant liberation from the fetters of set styles, and from the preconceived ideas of beauty. Suddenly women were wearing short hair, A-line dresses, military-inspired suits, and other aspects of mod-inspired androgyny. Not only was it fashionable, the look fitted the lifestyle of a new generation of women who wanted to go to work, and play hard –– which left little time for roller-setting at the salon.

Seeing  Mia, an alluring film star, lose all that length and expose her natural beauty  –– wide eyes, angular cheekbones, elegant petiteness –– inspired a new beauty consciousness. Hair and fashion became intrinsically linked. Woman wanted to feel the power of transformation. Nowadays, individualism reigns, and women can wear any kind of cut, color, shape, or style. Yet it all began with that luxurious, eye-catching crop. Learn more about it below.

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This hairstyle is the perfect blend of dapper and cool. It looks like you rode your motor cycle to work. The key is to push hair back from the face, but keep the texture loose. It’s sculpted but lived-in. To pull this off you’ll need a classic cut with roughness at the edges and corners so it doesn’t look too freshly trimmed. Then you’re just a dab of cream wax away from perfect cool. Click the style notes to learn more. –– Laura Martin

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Upswept pixies are both carefree and sophisticated. Directing hair away from the face opens and uplifts the features, creating a youthful, open feeling. This look also feels a bit dressy because it creates a a silhouette that’s reminiscent of classic updos like the French twist. Learn the secrets of this season’s hottest crop in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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Getting a pixie cut can be a liberating life experience. No more frantic blowdrying in the morning, no more decisions on whether to wear it up or down, no more flyaways or frizz. Plus, you get to expose your facial features, leaning on the strength of your cheekbones and chin, and the feminine delicacy of your neck and shoulders to maximize your beautification. Sounds good, right? Click through for more.

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