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In the 90s, my favorite beauty product was a bottle of leave-in conditioner which I used to detangle my hair after washing it with cheap drugstore shampoo. My hair was waist-length back then, and my baby-fine texture looked greasy and limp if I used a rinse-out type conditioner. Since then, I’ve discovered better shampoos, and a number of light-weight conditioners that work effectively with my hair type. I forgot about leave-ins. But recently I’ve started using ARROJO’s cream whip, and I’ve fallen in love with leave-in all over again. A great leave-in does way more than detangle. Click the notes to learn all about the benefits of this next-level conditioner-styler. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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In the beauty industry, “natural” rarely means untampered with, it usually signifies something closer to “believable,” a look that at least feasibly could occur in nature. We’ve gotten pretty good at mimicking colors and textures that exist in the natural world, but rarely do we show off  our actual color or textures, but rarely leave our strands in their natural shape. That may be changing. The recent runways have shown a much greater range of hair textures including everything from poker-straight to extremely curly. So instead of everyone creating “natural” barely-there waves as was the trend in 2015, this year we may actually see natural texture. Learn more about this emerging trend in the style notes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →



This creative, graphic shape features heavy emphasis on the bangs and a strong, face-framing outline. A mid-length layer cut with layers beginning around the cheekbones, it’s a great cut to update your look for 2016, especially if your hair is fine or thin as these kinds of styles help to create an illusion of fullness. Layers also create space which gives texture room to work, meaning it’s easy to create a trendy, soft and natural-looking wave. Loose and shaggy through the back and sides, the heavy beans emphasize the eyes, adding boldness to the style.

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