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Most hair products are named for what they do—volume foam, curl control, hydro mist—which should make picking the right ones easy. But sometimes the best product for a particular task is the one that’s named for the opposite texture. From my favorite collection of ARROJO Products, for example, curl control’s moisture and hold are a dream for straightening; volume foam has great grip for smoothing. Confused? Learn to see past the labels, and get your best styling results ever, in the notes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →


Nowadays there are salons that only cut curly locks, which suggests dealing with texture is a separate skill. It’s not. It just requires a refined approach. When styling, for example, it’s better to dry with a diffuser than a blow-dryer because blowing curly hair all about is likely to break the curls and create frizz; a diffuser on the other hand, dries with heat but no air, which helps curls expand and form beautifully. Learn more about diffusing in the notes.  Click for StyleNotes →


This style created by Amanda Jenkins, Master Stylist and Artistic Director of ARROJO Cosmetology School, is part of a collection titled “Transmogrify” that shows the magical transformation of modern textures. Long gone are the poodle perms and stiff curls of the 1980s; they’ve been replaced by the timeless elegance, beauty and grace of tousle, flow and soft sexy movement. Epitomizing the change, this long layer shape with full, deep set bangs and natural-looking ‘C’ shaped swirls (created using American Wave), is typical of the look the women and girls of New York now prefer. Learn more about it in the notes.

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Solange and Beyonce may be related but they have very different aesthetics. Beyonce’s look is opulent and glitzy where as Solange’s style is bolder and earthier. She wears lots of bold prints, unusual cuts and unexpected color pairings. Her hair styles range from sleek bobs to soft curls to dramatic afros, and while she can certainly pull off a wide range of shapes, the natural curls are my favorite. Expanded shapes provide the perfect counterpoint to her bold fashion choices, and give her look a easy, effortless feeling. Learn to care for your natural coils in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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“Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” — Franz Kafka. No matter what age you are, feeling beautiful is important. Over the fifteen years I’ve spent in the beauty industry I’ve heard all kinds of strange ideas about how to look younger, many of them contradictory. The truth is, looking younger is about softness. It’s about recapturing an easy-going spirit, adding some playfulness, and allowing for versatility. How does this translate to hair? Find out in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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