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Glamorous waves combined with a stylistic side-part is a classic and romantic style. The face-framing asymmetry and the cascading curls will never go out of fashion because it’s one of the best styles for framing features, like eyes, cheekbones, lips and chin. In days gone by this look would have been created with a roller set; nowadays, though, instead of having to set hair over several hours, or even overnight, you can use hot-tools to make this look as quick as a flash. Learn the steps in the notes… Click for StyleNotes →

curling iron

Using a curling iron isn’t rocket science but it’s not completely intuitive either, and it’s one of those skills that you probably learned from a mom, sister, or friend, not a stylist. If you find that your curls are uneven, look unnatural, or don’t last, you may benefit from a little instruction. Click the style notes for six common curling iron mistakes and their solutions.  –Laura Martin 

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redheaded girl straightens the hair using a hair straightener
Hot tool styling is something that we all do, at least at some point. Polished looks come from the heat of all these awesome tools. What also comes with these though is the damage high heat can cause. How you avoid it? Click the notes. –– Kelly Rowe

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Hairstyles have been an important part of fashion since the earliest civilizations. Six thousand years ago primitive versions of curling irons heated over open fires were used in Egypt, Persia and China. The first patent for the tool was acquired by Hiram Maxim in 1866. The device was refined and rereleased by Marcel Grateau in 1890. It finally went electric in 1959, greatly reducing the chances of burning off strands while styling. You can see old versions of the curling iron in the notes. Or check out the evolution of the hairdryer here–– Laura Martin

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If you need to perk up your style for the Holiday weekend festivities, but prefer to keep your look natural, not done, soft and sexy waves have the beachy summer vibe that is perfect for easy-breezy barbecues and lounging by the seaside. Flouncy and bouncy, this attention-grabbing ‘do can be created with hands, with a blowdryer, or with a wand. Learn how in the notes.

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