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So you’ve got damaged hair? Don’t worry ARROJO stylists, AKA the New York City hair guru’s, have some advice for you to bring shape, body & texture back into your locks.

 A Little Trim Never Hurt Nobody

If you find your hair texture resembles that of straw, the first thing you can do to make it look better and restore body is to get a trim. Hair tends to be most damaged towards the tips— they’ve been around the longest and have had more time to be affected by styling products, processing, and other damage causing elements.

If you are bold enough to chop it all off, a short bob or cut pixie can undo most of the damage in one clean sweep. However if you don’t want to go this extreme, a healthy trim with layers is a good start, followed by a health care regimen for damaged hair.

Fresh & Clean New Hair Washing Routine

Now that you have a fresh cut, you will need to switch up your hair cleansing & conditioning routines.

Over washing your hair can strip it of its natural oils, leaving it drier and more prone to breakage. Most hairstylists recommend shampooing your hair around 3 times a week. However some with finer hair  have the tendency to wash everyday. So if you must wash everyday, instead of shampooing your entire head, just concentrate on the hair two inches closest to the scalp (thats where the sebum collects). Then rinse with COLD water (this will smooth the cuticle so frayed ends aren’t as obvious). Using a gentle shampoo  and conditioner is also a must.

Another option is using a co-wash instead of  shampoo/conditioner. A co-wash is a non-foaming cleansing conditioner with no harsh sulfates, detergents, or silicones. So if you swap out your shampoo for co-wash once or twice a week, you will be replenishing dry, damaged, and dehydrated hair.

Prevent & Protect Yo’ Self  

Now that you are on the road to total hair repair, you have to adjust some of your habits. Lay off coloring your hair for a while, especially bleaching it (sorry blonde & balayage babes). Try to limit heat tools usage, but when you do use them make sure to use a heat protectant like protective thickening lotion on your hair first. Also, try doing a weekly hair repair masque to restore vitality.

With a trim & a new hair care routine, you will be on your way to healthy & vibrant hair in no time!


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The reign of the bob is coming to and end and long hair is coming back into fashion. But how many inches does one need to feel like they have long hair? When women cut their hair off, they are very particular about a particular length, but when they grow their hair out, they rarely have a destination in mind. As a stylist I’ve rarely encountered a client who thinks her hair is too long, and those with elongated tresses are usually loath to part with length, even if it’s damaged. Long hair can certainly be very beautiful, but too much length can also have some very negative side effects. So how do you know if your hair is too long? Click the notes to find out. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

Luscious hair


Luscious. We all want hair with that pleasingly rich opulence that makes us feel happier and more attractive. But, instead, many of us have a buildup of dryness and damage that has us ready to believe in the latest $500 miracle treatment (available for $29.95 via an infomercial). Yet the real panacea for hair that is dull and dowdy is a daily routine full of the habits of great hair. Here’s seven of the best. . . . Click for StyleNotes →


We love head-turning hair color, especially hot-hot pink! With her latest look of fluorescent pink, shorter bob, and piecey fringe Nicole Richie could put us in a neck brace. It’s certainly an antidote to the doldrums of winter. If you feel like livening up your look with a similar hue, click notes to get tips on how to be a hair chameleon like Nicole. –– Kelly Rowe

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I’m a gym rat. I do not go to the gym to flounce about, do a few pushups, and preen myself at the bar. I go for a serious work out. When I leave, a little dry shampoo is never going to make me look all fresh and clean again. So what are fitness chicks supposed to do? The constant showering can leave locks dry and dull. Click the notes for how to maintain hair health while putting in hours at the gym. –Kelly Rowe

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