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Gigi Hadid has become one of the world’s most iconic women, tapped whenever someone needs to sell a bikini, bra, or lipstick. She was even named model of the year. She is gorgeous, and blends sexy with just the right amount of insouciance. Naturally, at Style Noted Towers we are obsessed with her always perfect, golden blonde, California girl strands. This color immediately gives you memories of the steamy days of summer but it is surprisingly great for feeling all warmed up in the dead of winter too. Click the notes for how to get this perfectly blended golden hue in the cold season.

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Though we haven’t seen it in the main stream for a while, I’ve suddenly noticed an uptick of ombré strands amongst the celebrity crowd.  There are lots of trends that come and go but I think ombré may just pick up again. It’s flattering yet subtle and there’s a variation for almost every hair length, color, and texture. And as with all dyed hair, there are some great and some not so great options. So if you’re ready to revisit ombré next time you see your colorist, take note of the tips through the notes. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →

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This shade was spotted on the runway at New York Fashion Week. It is one of those fascinating colors that’s almost impossible to describe, dark blonde but not dishwater, reddish but not strawberry, warm but not golden. The soft peachy hue appears almost to glow, especially when worn with nude makeup and pale brows as shown. The formula below would be lovely as a glaze over almost any blonde, but is especially opalescent over cool and neutral base shades. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →


Best known as a blonde, Amanda Seyfried offers a fresh perspective for her November cover story for Glamour Spain. Her honeyed-brown tone, nicely matching her complexion, shows that brunettes can turn up the heat too. But what really captures the imagination is the styling. Long voluptuous waves drape off the shoulders in vivacious, irrepressible fashion while the side-swept parting perfectly frames Amanda’s brooding eyes. Learn how to recreate this unnervingly beautiful look in the notes.

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blonde suede

This plush shade of dark blonde reminds of the nap of an expensive suede. It has the same subtle sheen, the same mixture of gold and cool taupe hues. There’s something almost pelt-like in the hue. It’s a shade that looks completely believable, a welcome change from bright platinum. If you’re ready to try the softer, more luxurious side of blonde click the notes for the professional formula.

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