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I was delighted to see Laura’s opening post for today. I’m a big believer that fashion and beauty directly influence each other. So while different silhouettes of jeans have trended over the years (you read it here first, bell bottoms and embroidery are about to be in) the latest denim trend has nothing to do with pants. The style is called denim hair but witty types are using ‘jair’ (jean + hair). This new hair hue takes its name from the indigos that are synonymous with Levi’s or J Brand staples. And just like your jeans, the colors of blue span from acid wash to dark navy, the spectrum as dramatic as the trend itself.  So whether you want to rock gray, stone wash, dark, or over-dyed blue, the possibilities are endless. It may not be as easy as slipping on a pair of boyfriend jeans, but it’s definitely a statement of style. For more denim hair inspiration, click through to style notes.  –– Michelle Rotbart  Click for StyleNotes →

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Opal, sombre, pumpkin spice—these are only some of the color terms that I’ve seen appear this year and the list can go on and on. Frankly it’s a bit redundant and even confusing, because one person’s cinnamon is another’s burnt umber. So does having a vast color vocabulary really help you or hurt you when communicating with your colorist? I asked Ali, my colorist at ARROJO, to get the details. Here’s what I learned. . .  –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →

If you’re determined to notch it up to scarily beautiful this Halloween, this editorial collaboration between a group of master stylists from ARROJO NYC is your perfect piece of graphic inspiration. Titled, “Sou’Win” the idea came from the pagan rituals that predate Halloween, especially the mystic beauty of tarot cards and the outward masquerade that was intended to spur an intense inward focus. Combining high-contrast black and white hair color with asymmetrical razor-cut shapes, the hairstyles work with the clothing and the makeup to create darkly decadent, high-fashion elegance. See more incredible images in the notes.


Taken from the Nocturnal collection by Lina Arrojo this vanguard reinterpretation of the bowl features deep-set bangs and a dramatic blue-black color tone. We love how the brow-dusting fringe centers attention on the eyes while the classic, bold and graphic shape remains ideal for framing strong features. Learn how to style a similar look in the notes.

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Inspired by the swinging NorthWest’s raucous contribution to music and fashion, NocturnalLina Arrojo’s latest editorial pulls apart the archetypal grunge aesthetic, replacing thrift with couture. Lensed by fashion photographer Cody Lidtke, the intimate composition of the images hints at the alienation, apathy, confinement, and angst-ridden teen spirit found in the sludgy sounds of grunge. See all the images and read Lina’s thoughts on the collection in the notes.

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