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red hair in sun

I love great hair color; nothing changes your look and your mood as quick. But color fades. Blondes get dull, brunettes get mousy, and the worst happens to redheads. Not only can red fade, but when it does, it can end up looking like an orange or pinky hue. And the cotton candy look is only cute when it’s on purpose. Using a great shampoo will only get your so far, red-haired ladies. You’ll also need a few tips and tricks and get you through the sunny season. Click through to style notes to learn how to keep your red fiery all summer long. –– Michelle Rotbart

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chlorine green

If you’re a blonde you know that swimming pools come with a particular risk: the greenish cast that can result from chlorine. The green color isn’t actually chlorine, but chlorine does open the cuticle, allowing water into the strand and it also oxidizes small particles of metal in the water, turning them green. Learn to reverse this chemical process, and get your hair back to it’s normal shade, in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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brunette woman is not happy with her fragile hair

Summer can be harsh on your hair; the constant sun, salt water, chlorine are all factors that can lead to damage. Believe it or not, it’s nothing compared to winter. The low humidity conditions makes the hair fragile and prone to breakage. So, when you heat style in winter, you are virtually guaranteeing damage. Learning how to make hair look better when air-drying will help you break away from constant heat styling, and it will also prepare you for frizz free summer tresses. Click the notes for more. —Kelly Rowe

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