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Winter weather can get you feeling frumpy and down, which is likely why salons are busier in January than July. Exiting the hair salon with perfectly glossy and vibrant hair color perks us up when we feel shabby and pale. But returning to the salon two weeks later wondering where all that magic went makes us mad as hell. While professionals do sometimes get things wrong, the most common reason why color fades too quickly for our liking is the way we treat the hair before and after the dye job. Eight simple rules can give you longer lasting, brighter color. Following these steps will make your feel better about your beauty investment, and extend the time you have to go back to the salon for a touch up.  Get the scoop below. . . 

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It’s 2016 and you’ve finally found the perfect shade. You want to keep it vibrant, bright, full of life. It helps you extend time, and save money, between salon appointments; it helps you walk with the great hair strut. The trick to keeping colored hair tip-top is some smart choices, and the commitment to the right regimen at home. Learn heavenly hair color care tips below.  Click for StyleNotes →