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holiday hair

Photo: Tommy Hilfiger Holiday Campaign

If you’re anything like me, these last few days have been spent waking up late, eating brunch, and watching movies—which means your hair has basically been a combination of bedhead and messy bun. But in just two days it will be the end of 2015, which means it will be your last opportunity to wear the festive and prim styles you’ve been holding onto since this time last year. While I know it’s difficult to let go of the bedhead, you should welcome the new year with a great do. For a quick and easy tutorial on how to rock everything from a sleek pony to glossy waves, click through to find inspirations, and links, to some of our favorite nighttime looks. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →

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When falling into bed after a long day the last thing you’re thinking about is your hair, but you’ll think about it plenty in the morning when you wake up with a knotted, tangled mess. These three styles will take you less than five minutes to throw together in the evening and you’ll wake up looking fabulous, no styling required. You can use the extra time you have in the early hours to get some more sleep, go for a run, or make a real breakfast. This may be the key to your New Year’s resolutions. –– Laura Martin

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If you need perking up on a Monday, some soft and sexy waves, like Rose Huntington-Whitely’s, are sure to make you feel sprightly. A tumbling, vivacious look, the long layer cut naturally helps the hair to be flouncy and bouncy, while the center-part frames her strong jaw-line, big lips, and blue eyes for a beautifying look dripping with sex appeal. For anyone who desires this attention-grabbing ‘do, click notes for styling tips and tricks.

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dirty hair


Unwashed hair sometimes gets a bad wrap for being less than perfect. Though we know freshly cleansed and conditioned hair has its place, we’re too busy to be bothered to wash it everyday; besides, infrequent washing is much better for your hair. Thus, we’re obsessed with dry shampoo and love wearing our textured second day hair. Best yet, we know some super cool styles that make the most of our less than squeaky clean locks. Click through to style notes for details. –– Michelle Rotbart

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