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When you’re at the salon, what do you talk about? If you’re like most people, you probably spend the first 2-3 minutes explaining what you want your hair to look like before digressing into a story about your boyfriend or the latest celebrity gossip. Your hairdresser probably knows a lot about your favorite celebs, and she may give out great relationship advice, but her area of expertise is hair, and you might be surprised what she can tell you about yours. The trick is knowing what to ask. Click the notes for 5 must-ask questions to bring to your next appointment. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →


The ponytail is the best friend of every girl with long hair.  This classic style can be dressed up or down but my favorite are the ones that are perfectly imperfect. Anytime you wear these undone styles you walk the line between intentionally looking like that or just rolled out of bed. Click the notes to recreate this perfectly textured pony.

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perfect blowout

Blowouts are great but they are also a lot of work or pretty pricey if you are getting them done in salons or blowout bars. I love a good blowout just as much as the next girl but I can also be bit lazy when it comes to my hairstyling routine. The thought of having to blow dry my hair carefully in sections to get that polished look is very unappealing. Let me teach you how to get the bombshell blowout without the blow dryer. Click the notes. –Kelly Rowe

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Pigtails were probably one of your first hairstyles. This may make them seem childish, but they don’t have to be. They’re an easy, pretty way to keep your hair under control while still getting the face-framing effects of wearing hair down. Brigitte Bardot loved pigtails, so does Alexa Chung, and their paired ponytails certainly don’t immature. So what’s the secret? How do you get pigtails that feel sexy instead of silly? Click the notes for step-by-step instructions. –– Laura Martin

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straight hair

A good wavy blowout or a head full of tousled curls will always look great, but it may having girls out there, like myself, who don’t feel like putting in the effort for it wondering if straight hair is still sexy. I’m here to tell you it is.  This look will always be sexy because its classic and never overdone looking. It’s the hair that pairs with everything. Think of your slinky strands as you little black dress; it is your go to. Click the notes for how to get the perfect straight look.

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