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Traveling during the holidays can be the worst. Traffic on the highways, never ending lines at the airport, and trains packed tight can make you not only frustrated but leave you looking like you were on a journey around the world before you arrive at wherever your holiday plans take you. Make sure to arrive looking fabulous with these few hair tips. –– Kelly Rowe

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When you’re blessed with natural curls, your life should be easier, not harder. Unlike straight hair or uneven waves, the style is already there, it just needs a little guidance and taming. Even the laziest of on-the-go chicks can change up her messy bun for perfect curls. With the right techniques and a little product, you can achieve effortless hair in as little as ten minutes. So put the straighter down and start embracing your genetically given curls. Click through to style notes to get the details. –– Michelle Rotbart


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