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Photo: Irina Vitjaz AW ’17 NYFW Presentation Model. Photo by Steve Nay

We adore this look created by the ARROJO NYC editorial team for the Irina Vitjaz presentation at New York Fashion Week AW ’17. A vintage glamor wave, with one side tucked behind the ear and the other side tumbling forwards, over the neck and shoulders, a soft asymmetrical effect is created, one which encourages the eyes of an admirer to drift all across the face frame, taking in the model’s high jawline, sultry eyes, and perfect pout. Best of all, with the right tools and techniques you can recreate this look at home in 15-20 minutes. Learn how below.  Click for StyleNotes →

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The award-winning styles at NAHA (North American Hairstyling Awards), most popular photos on industry sites like, and the yearly collections released by industry giants like Goldwell reveal a side of hairdressing that is rarely seen on the streets. Strong geometric cuts, wild disconnection, bold colors and gravity-defying shapes may impress other stylists, but what do they have to do with real girl trends? Is there any connection between avant garde hairstyles and real world cuts and colors? Absolutely, but you may need a little guidance to see the link. Click the notes to learn more. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →



After seasons and seasons of washing our hair as little as possible, it maybe time to make the switch from unwashed lengths, or at least look like it. Since this summer is all about sleek and wet hair looks that last way beyond the shower, it’s time to rock a look that looks like you just combed it back after a quick dip in the water. I’ve seen everyone from cool girls like Joan Smalls walk the red carpet wearing this look to girls on the runway at Calvin Klein and Dior strut down the runway wearing wet lengths. But you don’t have to be a celebrity or at fashion week to wear this style. It translates into everyday quite easily, becoming a more softer and cleaner approach that just boarders on the wet look. To learn how to wear it, click through to style notes. –– Michelle Rotbart  Click for StyleNotes →

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I’m not sure if we owe the revival of the choker to 90s revival or Melisandre from Game of Thrones, but this accessory is back with a vengeance. Worn over a scarf with the hair tucked in, it creates a cinched, belt-like effect that’s reminiscent of pigtails, but looser and sexier. We saw this look on Dior’s Spring/Summer 2016 runway; let’s take it to the street. Learn how below. ––  Laura Martin 

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I often struggle with figuring out the best and easiest ways to adorn my hair. Usually I like to just let it go loose and wavy, but there are times that I need to put it up. I like to use barrettes at the base of my ponytail but I kept finding that they would constantly become unfastened. This became really annoying until I figured out how to actually get one to stay in. It’s a quick and easy trick and will definitely ensure your pony stays clipped. To learn my trick, click through to style notes. –– Michelle Rotbart  Click for StyleNotes →