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Blending rough texture and avant-garde braids with war paint, tribal prints and fabrics, and organic jewelry this cover story from Elle Romania brings tribal chic to the center of fashion’s eye. Starring Nuria Nieva in a variety of nomadic poses, see the full spread in the notes.

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Taken from the October issue of Elle US this image of Lorde is picture perfect for showing off her beautiful natural curls and fiery, red-brown color. Big, airy, and billowing her unique texture suits her distinctive personality and style while the strong hue augments her porcelain complexion, creating a look that makes her one of the most recognizable teenagers in the world. Whether you are lucky enough to enjoy a similar natural texture or would love to create big curls out of straighter strands, find easy styling tips in the notes.

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Scarlet Johansson plays a number of on-screen roles, but her real passion is dermatology. When the actress isn’t dazzling audiences, she’s reading up on the epidermis. Last month Johansson told ELLE her findings. “Lemon juice,” she says, “is great for lightening [skin]. It can be a bit stinging, so you can dilute with water.” Johansson also recommends apple cider vinegar for healing blemishes, though cautions against its pungent odor. The natural and organic movement has more celebrity clout behind it. Model Cindy Crawford prescribes a mixture of whole milk and water for skin hydration. Teri Hatcher, meanwhile, enjoys a glass of wine…in her bathtub. The desperate housewife pours vino in to her spa water to soften and exfoliate skin. Strange regimes for sure, but since they’ve made their money from looking good, we are not here to argue. Instead, these resourceful girls inspire us to think of the best ways to improve your hair care with natural remedies. And we found the kitchen cupboard to be your golden egg.  For some unexpected daily hair care tips, click style notes. Click for StyleNotes →

Well, we don’t wish to brag (at least not too much!), but at Style Noted Towers, today, we are rather proud. We’ve been blathering on about the new, seventies-inspired trend for a straight and wavy combination texture, where the crown drops straight down, and then, somewhere between the eye-line and the chin-line, that flat drop turns into curvaceous, wavy texture. And now –– with a magazine cover that could have been inspired by our posts ––  one of the world’s top fashion magazines and one of the world’s top celebrities have collaborated to prove us right. Thanks Elle, thanks Reese!

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