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Today is Equal Pay Day, observed on a Tuesday in April, symbolizes how far into the year a woman must work, on average, to earn as much as a man earned the previous year.

Women are encouraged to wear red to symbolize how far “in the red” they are with their pay.

So in honor of Equal Pay Day, here is everything you need to know about going red!

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Emma Stone may be a natural blonde, but she’s successfully worn a number of hair colors ranging from soft auburn to vibrant scarlet to platinum blonde. She’s even gone brunette before, but she’s chosen rich chestnut and mahogany, rich hues with flattering warm undertones. But this latest brown is a neutral chocolate shade, not a bad color, but a pretty boring option for a girl who looks so stunning is colors most of us wouldn’t dream of trying to wear. There’s something almost ironic about this ho-hum, un-intimidating shade being the one thing that makes Emma look a little less youthful and a little less fabulous. Click the notes for links to other fashion experts weighing in the new look. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

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I’m a self-proclaimed beauty junkie, so if there’s a new product or treatment I’m the first to try it out. Cryogenics, tried it. New glossy lip stain? Tried it. So when I spotted headbands being worn backwards on the  runway and the pages of Lauren Conrad’s new book, you bet I switched my headband around. The “halo” look was first spotted a few years ago on the Balenciaga runway, where it made so many waves that several designers the following year also put their own spin on the trend. Luckily the look isn’t only just for the catwalk though, many celebrities like Zoe Saldana and Emma Stone have also been seen wearing their crowning glory in a modern twist of the classic look. So if you want to try out this look, click through to style notes to see some of my favorite reverse headbands. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →



Glossy waves makes sexiness a certainty. If you’re getting ready for a Friday night out, adopt this style, so that when you enter the room, you’ll be the wow-factor.  Glossy waves can, however, be a challenge to make. Too much product can make them crispy instead of flouncy, careless handling can make the texture rough instead of smooth. Sometimes glossy waves go limp, other times they refuse to move at all. What’s the secret to perfect glossy waves? We got the notion. . .

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fall bangs

With September about to swing back round, most of us will be planning a new look for fall –– something a little more polished and sophisticated than our laid-back summer styles. A great, easy way to change it up is with bangs. Bangs don’t have many takers in the summer, when it’s too hot and sticky to enjoy hair on your forehead, but fashionable fall is the perfect time for a fringe. To help you choose, the collage above shows some of our favorite bang placements; find an exposition on these looks in the notes.

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