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Sometimes bad hair days come out of nowhere. You leave the house looking great, but between the cold weather, the hat you wore on your morning commute, and the nervous twirling you did during your morning meeting, by lunch things have gone down hill. Your hair looks limp, lifeless and lackluster. Enter the side-flip, the ingenious trick will add instant volume and movement, refreshing your style in 3 minutes or less. Click the notes to learn how. –– Laura Martin 

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Whether you get your hair colored by a professional or do it yourself in your bathroom chances are that on occasion the results will come out less than perfect. Hair color relies on complicated chemical processes, and it’s hard to talk about (just think about how many shades of red there are). Sometimes a new color just takes some getting used to, but if a few days pass and you still feel dissatisfied try one of these simple home solutions. –– Laura Martin

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Traveling during the holidays can be the worst. Traffic on the highways, never ending lines at the airport, and trains packed tight can make you not only frustrated but leave you looking like you were on a journey around the world before you arrive at wherever your holiday plans take you. Make sure to arrive looking fabulous with these few hair tips. –– Kelly Rowe

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