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Football season has returned and if you are anything like me you are pumped and ready for a whole new season. Football means, “Sunday Funday,” beer and wings, tailgating, and braving all kinds of weather to cheer your team on. And even though you are probably done up in no more than jeans and a jersey we have the perfect quick game day ‘dos to keep you looking great. Click the notes for more. –– Kelly Rowe

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curly haired girls

Having curly hair is like being in a top secret club: no one understands your hair woes unless they too have curly hair. Yes, our straight-haired friends may try, but they’ll never fully grasp the struggle of waking up with what looks like some type of animal sitting on top of their head. If you do have curly hair you’re either wincing in pain or smiling right now, because you know exactly what we’re talking about. Care to read some more curly hair woes? Click through to styles notes to see ten things only curly hair girls will ever understand. –– Michelle Rotbart

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I still cringe when I recall the days when I washed my hair with a generic 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner from the drugstore. Fortunately, my tastes are a bit more refined now. As a beauty enthusiast, I’ve had the chance to work with many different products. Some are worth the hype and have become part of my daily routine; others get unceremoniously tossed. So if you’re looking to raise the status of your styling regime, I’ve picked four products that are guaranteed superstars. Click through to styles notes to get the details. –– Michelle Rotbart

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Natural beauty, Christina Ricci sports a strong sense of style, and this cute little pony with a soft side bang is an ideal daytime summer look. Pulling hair away from the face keeps you cool and creates the illusion of lift for cheekbones and chin; the side bangs, meanwhile, open the face frame and adds a cute, whimsical touch. We love the red-brown hair color for her, too. Shiny and lustrous, a similar hue will add sparkle for anyone with a similar skin color and makeup palette. For our tips on achieving this style, click through the notes.