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b angs

Cooler weather has lots of advantages: you can layer clothing, your eye makeup won’t run, and your hair doesn’t frizz. Fall style is usually a little edgier than summer, and while adding darker lipstick or a richer shade of eye shadow are great ways to play up the gritty side of your style, neither will offer you the cool factor of these bangs. Long thick fringe split at the center with frayed edges will lend your leather jacket instant credibility and add a touch of rocker chic to even your most feminine dress. Learn more about this trending bang in the notes. –– Laura Martin

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Taken from the Nocturnal collection by Lina Arrojo this vanguard reinterpretation of the bowl features deep-set bangs and a dramatic blue-black color tone. We love how the brow-dusting fringe centers attention on the eyes while the classic, bold and graphic shape remains ideal for framing strong features. Learn how to style a similar look in the notes.

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This rich, lush red shot through with rust and blue-tinged sanguine has the look of vital fluid. It’s this season’s answer to vibrant red, a shade both vivid and restrained. The earthy undertones make it a flattering choice for a surprising variety of skin tones and give it a chameleon-like quality. The shade will appear brighter against neutrals, softer on brights, and can feel warm or cool depending on your daily outfits. Click the style notes for the professional formulation. –– Laura Martin

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