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Taylor Swift may be the queen of the celebrity spat, but there’s no argument over her bangs. Deep-set and full, her fringe is one of the best. It grazes her brows beautifully, bringing focus down to her alluring peepers. For those at home, getting a bang is a great way to make your eyes your focal point, and change up your look –– without losing length. Click style notes for expert tips on styling bangs.  Click for StyleNotes →

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We’ve seen bobs of all shapes and sizes over the last few years: long bobs, wavy bobs, stacked curly bobs, and short choppy bobs. Strangely enough, what we haven’t seen is a lot of is the classic, a one-length blunt bob that falls somewhere between chin and mid-neck. That’s about to change. This fall, bobs are going polished and sleek. Ready to take your bob in chic new direction? Click the notes to learn the essentials of the classic. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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Cooler weather has lots of advantages: you can layer clothing, your eye makeup won’t run, and your hair doesn’t frizz. Fall style is usually a little edgier than summer, and while adding darker lipstick or a richer shade of eye shadow are great ways to play up the gritty side of your style, neither will offer you the cool factor of these bangs. Long thick fringe split at the center with frayed edges will lend your leather jacket instant credibility and add a touch of rocker chic to even your most feminine dress. Learn more about this trending bang in the notes. –– Laura Martin

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Bleached and distressed denim originated in the punk movement, but by the nineties, everyone seemed to have stone-washed jeans. The look is created by literally washing heavy material with pumice or other stones to soften the fabric and fade the hue. The method creates a mottled effect that is mostly very pale but with small bits of deeper color along the seams and flecked through the near-white fabric. Translating this look to hair gives an icy blonde base with dishwater roots and a fine smatter of lowlights. Get the formulas and application tips in the style notes. –Laura Martin 

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