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Bobs are great for their clean-lined simplicity, but on thick hair they can sometimes feel heavy or bulky, lacking the flow of longer, layered styles. These disconnected shapes offer a perfect solution, creating space by combing two disparate shapes on a single head without blending. The result is hair that naturally shifts and slides, at the place where the contrasting lines come together, creating swingy movement. You can enhance the separation between the shapes with color, creating visual contrast as pictured above, or go with a single color and opt for a softer look with all the same benefits. Click the notes to learn more about incorporating disconnection into your look. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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On screen, stage, or page, legendary beauties can be a bit intimidating. It’s easy to see icons like Marilyn Monroe or Katherine Hepburn as examples of unattainable beauty, which is why it can be encouraging when they say things that are useful, relatable, and funny. Some of these quotes may brighten your day, others may give you a new mantra. Click the notes to see what the fashion vanguard have to say about beauty. Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →


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Todashi Shoji’s fall collection was daring and understated. Many of the looks featured tattoo patterned mesh combined and intricate cutouts. The palette was dark and simple; many of the looks were solid black. Makeup was nude except for a smokey metallic eye and hair was textured, loose, and damp, but with lots of definition. The models looked, not air-dried, but as if they’d been caught in a storm. The result was both grungy and glamorous, with fullness and defined texture that showed off layers and fringe. Lean to create the look at home in the notes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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A couture show, like an art exhibition, is a display of aesthetic delights. The looks are about design, not wearability. But occasionally there are gems that can cross over into street wear, with a little adaptation. The hairstyle from Chanel’s recent couture show was just such a look. The combination of sleek roots and an oversized chignon made for a style that felt both retro and modern. The look, says stylist Sam McKnight, was inspire by a Picasso sculpture but it’s drawn comparisons to everything from a croissant to Princess Leia. Click the notes for wearable variations of this high-fashion look. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →