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The Victoria’s Secret “Angels” have it tough. The lottery of birth means that not only is it part of their job to sit around for hours while a bevy of underlings dance attendance on their every wish, they also have to suffer the ignominy of our casual objectification. Today we’re looking at their bouncy, shapely. . .hair. How does one replicate those flowing fulsome waves? We asked Paul Merritt, the British editorial stylist responsible for creating many of the “Angels’ most iconic runway looks, for a quick how to anyone could do. Get the scoop below. Click for StyleNotes →


Taken from Cosmic-POP, a vanguard editorial collection created by the ARROJO Artistic Team, this style marries pop art and glam rock, features the booming trend for glittery roots, and comes in a marvelous minty green color. If you’re looking for a fresh and fab Holiday style, try this bold and dazzling ‘do –– it’s hip, cool, and makes your friends drool. Get the scoop in the notes.  Click for StyleNotes →



Glamorous waves combined with a stylistic side-part is a classic and romantic style. The face-framing asymmetry and the cascading curls will never go out of fashion because it’s one of the best styles for framing features, like eyes, cheekbones, lips and chin. In days gone by this look would have been created with a roller set; nowadays, though, instead of having to set hair over several hours, or even overnight, you can use hot-tools to make this look as quick as a flash. Learn the steps in the notes… Click for StyleNotes →