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As summer approaches, weddings multiply Whether you’re tying the knot yourself, participating in someone else ceremony, or simply attending, you’re going to to need a great dress, soft makeup, and a pretty style that holds up from aisle-walk to bouquet-toss. Traditional wedding styles—flouncy curls, stiff updos, and piled ringlets—can feel dated and oppressive, but the usual beach waves or French braid don’t really match a formal gown. How do you look fancy while still feeling stylish? Click the notes to see this season cool, wearable wedding trends. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

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A braid, like a ponytail, can function as a way to keep hair contained, but it also works as a textural element, a way to create contrast. My favorite braided styles mix the twining with straight or wavy strands to enhance and add complexity. This asymmetric look which blends a single side braid with sleek strands creates a beautiful contrast the looks casual yet polished. Learn to create the look in the notes. ––  Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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Who doesn’t love a good braid? Braids are great because they can be paired with nearly every fashion style and every event; whether you are a modern or bohemian girl or going to a casual or formal party there is always a great braid to pick from. Click the notes for braid tips that will help you always have a picture worthy look. –– Kelly Rowe

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Need a style that will take you from the gym, to your errands, and on to brunch in one weekend? You are probably thinking a ponytail will be fine; don’t settle, you can upgrade your pony to fab. Make it more fun and eye catching by adding a braid-hawk to it. Click the notes for the details of how to do it. –– Kelly Rowe

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This twine, incorporating French and fishtail braiding, was created by ARROJO Stylist Aziza Rasulova. Below are steps for learning how to create French and Fishtail braids; once you’re comfortable with these techniques, try putting them in different places, like along the top or through the side, and combine them together for a visually interesting, whimsical and bohemian look.

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